My precious tax dollars! Wasted!

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My library received some free bookmarks today. Normally libraries like free things, but this….

On one side it says "I am." Okay, cool. Here’s what it says on the other– and unfortunately, the emphasis, case, and color is not mine:

curious, motivated, responsible, trendy, friendly, ABSTINENT, serious, creative, outgoing, healthy, thoughtful

okay, so, it’s some religious stuff, right?

NO! It’s SPONSORED BY THE STATE! This was paid for and distributed by the Virginia Department of Health!

My tax dollars are supporting this. I am livid.

You know– abstinence is fine for those who want it. It’s not my concern how other people lead their sex lives. What makes me so mad is that the Department of Frickin’ Health says, essentially, that abstinence = healthy.

And it is very, very reasonable to infer that non-abstinence = not healthy.

Myths and lies, coming to me from the department of health. It is perfectly possible and natural to have healthy sex. Ask any newlyweds.

I’m moving out of this state as soon as I can.


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  1. Much too difficult for the state of VA to educate any one on the proper and healthy way to engage in sexual activiies. They would rather them all remain ignorant so they raise ignorant children who grow up to be illiterate and unintelligible and never realize the true pleasure of having an orgasm. Much less, imagine all the frustrations of those pre-teens and teenagers who don’t understand why, if something feels so good, they should abstain from it???? Now we all know that does not happen!!! So why not teach them how to give pleasure to themselves and then every wins!! Think about it!!! Yes, Virginia, you can have an orgasm without having sex…………..therefore remaining abstinent in the way the state would like for you to!!! Actually, they just don’t want you having any more babies that you can’t take care of or become infected with a disease that you have no insurance to pay for a cure. Wasting tax dollars isn’t what it is all about. And being a woman of some years, I can attest to the fact that abstinence IS NOT HEALTHY!!! It is very depressing as a matter of fact and can be very critical to one of my age gaining much unwanted weight of which is very unhealthy also. I AM GLAD YOU ARE LIVID…………….ME TOO!!!!(Maybe they should start distributing dildos instead of freaking condoms!)


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