Fall of the House of Franklin

Goodbye, musty old Franklin apartment complex! Hello, swanky new Wilhemsplatz apartments!

After several days of false hopes and nail-biting suspense, I’ve found a place to live. It was actually the number-one apartment complex on my list. I had looked up info on all the apartments in Williamsburg and ranked them based on a variety of factors, including location, cost, distance from work, and reviews I found on an apartment-rating website.

Parkway Apartments came out the best of the bunch. I had coughed up a $35 application fee to begin the screening process before I realized they didn’t have anything available. (The email they sent me said they did, and I paid my $ before I discovered it was wrong).

So I was all grouchy over the loss of my 35 smackeroos. I resigned myself to an $825 apartment in a less appealing complex that wasn’t going to open until 2 days after I started work.



They called me this morning around 10 to tell me about an apartment available in… November!

Damn it, got my hopes up and everything. November was just too late.



They called around 11 to tell me about a new apartment available on October 2!

It is a 900 sq. ft. one-bedroom that’s going to chip away at my bank by app. $750 a month. There’s no washer/dryer, but there is a balcony and it’s not far from either branch and it’s near the historical district. Or as Dad calls it, Hysterical Wilhelmsplatz.

So I’ve got a place to move to AND I get to move to it BEFORE the new job starts.

So who wants to help me move? I’m not going to look kindly on excuses like "But I live in North Carolina!" or "But I live in Missouri!" (or Kansas, or whichever one it is. They’re indistinguishable.)

In fact, here is the only acceptable excuse: "But I live in China!" Only Becca gets to use that.

See you Saturday the 14th, everyone. 🙂

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