Trivial Hirsute

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Got my ass kicked at a game of Trivial Hirsute. (This pun works, technically, because there was cat hair around.)

It was Trivial Pursuit for Readers or somesuch. Every question was a book question. I was glad to have my ass kicked by a master. And it wasn’t an across-the-board-game ass-kicking. It was a mild trouncing, really. Either one of us could have won. (Well… if I were going to be honest, I’d admit that there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell I’d win, but that’s not a very flattering picture, so let’s stretch the truth and say it could have gone either way. Okay? Thanks.)

The ass-kicker was Nebuchadnezzar, one of my new coworkers, who kindly decided to take pity on the new girl by keeping her company for an evening. We got some pretty good Thai and then spent an evening talking books.

One of the many reasons I wanted this job was for the coworkers. There are some very savvy librarians around here. Their knowledge puts me to shame. It’s great. I’m surrounded by book experts and I am going to leech them for everything I can.

Started my book proposal today. I’m proposing to write a genre guide to Women’s Nonfiction. (Is this even a genre? Beats me.) Dig the awesome title I came up with:

Just the Ma’am Facts

If I can convince my editor to let me publish a book by that name, then it will be worth all the effort it takes to write the book.  More updates on that as it progresses.


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  1. For Burgin, right? Awesome! Tell me how it goes and how you like working with him. Heh. My contract is still sitting on my desk, unsigned. It came while I was moving. Tell Nebbie I said Hi and we should all play Trivial Lute when I come visit!


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