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Interesting article in Wired today, about a woman being sued for invading a man’s privacy. She had blogged, in intimate detail, about their sex life. My favorite line from the article: "Do we need to disclose to each other during our pre-sex conversations about condoms and STIs and birth control that we also blog?"

This is an important question. I feel it is my duty as a blogger to develop an empirical study to address these issues. In that vein, I propose to

  • seduce somebody
  • write about it here in extraordinarily vivid language
  • see what happens

(I am just kidding. Relax.)

But, if you think about it, I am already running an experiment, though I have to admit there’s precious little sex involved. I did not create this blog for the purpose of observing people’s reactions, but the fact remains that I have accidentally created a social experiment. I suppose now I will have to go purchase a white lab coat.

Here’s the deal. I’m new at this job, right? Everyone had been working comfortably until I came along, and then, hey presto, the new girl’s got a blog, and, crikey, she’s writing about us.

I didn’t tell all that many folks about the blog. I certainly haven’t hidden the fact that I have one– I am too vain to keep this baby a secret– but it’s not like I put up fliers. But if you tell one person, that person tells someone else, and then that person tells someone else…

I am now wondering how many Wilhelmsplatz readers I have. I can infer some numbers, because my host lets me track IP addresses. I can tell how many times each day a Wilhelmsplatz computer goes to my blog, but I can’t tell which people are reading it. I can’t even be sure how many individuals are going to the blog, since we all share computers.

It’s fun to speculate, though.

I’m pleased that I’m getting daily hits from Wilhelmsplatz. I’d like to think that my brilliant dexterity with the language, combined with my stunning artistic mastery, is inspiring my faithful readership, though I suspect that people are mainly checking the blog to make sure I haven’t talked shit about them.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to say mean or embarassing things here, nor am I going to impart the juicy details of all the glorious affairs I will surely be having.

Hey! You! Get yr ass back here! Just cuz I’m not writing smut doesn’t mean you have to close the browser!


Another interesting facet of this social experiment has to do with people meeting me. This library employs an obnoxious number of people, at least compared with my old library, where we had 50-some people, including subs and volunteers, to staff 9 branches and a bookmobile. Here we have only two branches and a bookmobile mobile library service thingy, and over 100 warm bodies.

Considering how bad I am with names, and how many people work here… well, let’s just say I’m still pretty vague about a lot of people, especially with the Circ and Tech Services groups. I know for a fact I haven’t even seen everybody who works at the library.

So there’s a great mass of humanity I’m working with, the majority of whom I am lucky to even recognize, and about whom I know nothing. They, however, might very well know volumes about me, if they’ve visited this here blog. (If this means you– hi! And forgive me if I’ve forgotten your name! It’s nothing personal!)

Of course this speculation is probably moot, now I’ve announced that I won’t be writing about my sex life. Only hits I’ll get anymore will be from people who accidentally googled here.

Sigh. The sacrifices we make for art.

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  1. Just don’t dooce yourself. ;)(And I, for one, refuse to call our bookmobile "mobile library services" because I know that’s just another dig at us non-librarian library employees — calling it the MLS. Sheesh.)

  2. The Queen of Claremont

    Sooooo, in deference to your thought process, the Attention Slut would like to remind you that I berated you for not mentioning me, and I LOVE references to my aberrant behavior in your blog, and crave my 15 minutes of fame wherever and whenever I can get it.I had sooooooo much fun last night.The food was sooooooo good!I am sooooooooo glad that the guy at Home Depot, while not the most pleasant fellow, at least conceded to help me.We’re sooooo glad you moved. While I miss you on a co-worker level, I am reeaallllyy enjoying including you in our social realm, such as it is.


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