Released from probation

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That’s right, I’ve been working at Wilhelmsplatz six months. Now they’re going to have to try really hard if they want to fire me. Henceforth I will be reporting for work nude.

Forgive me for saying something predictable, but golly, the time has flown. In some ways I feel like I just started. There are still some parts of the job I don’t know. Only figured out yesterday that I’m supposed to have the computer schedules ready by the 15th of the month. Still don’t know where Lost and Found is at the one library. Am still fuzzy on the names of some of the Circ and Tech Services staff.

But mainly I feel like I’ve been here forever. I love my job. I feel like I fit in, like I belong here. I love the work I do. There’s almost no aspect of my job that I dislike, aside from dealing with the rare unpleasant patron.

As far as Wilhemsplatz the town… when my parents visited a few weeks ago, Mom got all misty-eyed and said this was the perfect place, that she would love to be a twenty-something in my apartment in this town. It was really soppy. I expected her to break out with “The Hills Are Alive.”

I raised my eyebrow at her. “This town is rich and old, Ma, and white and conservative. Sure you want to live here?”

Don’t misunderstand. Compared to Franklin, my home for the 16 months before I moved to Wilhelmsplatz, this is heaven. I can live here just fine indefinitely, which I intend to do, because there’s no library I’d rather work at. (And I like Hair Dresser Jeff and Yoga Instructor Jennifer.)

But yeah, it’s rich, old, white, and conservative. I only meet one of those conditions.

The library is a haven. It’s well-funded and, okay, most of the staff are white, but there’s a nice variety of ages and a lot of liberal thinkers. Plus I’m not complaining about the well-funded part. I feel guilty about it, but I’m not complaining.

Just woke from a four hour nap. I feel great. Too bad it’s midnight

And that means it’s April 20, Hitler’s birthday. Why do I know that? It’s the same day as the Columbine shootings. I remember it vividly, having been in high school at the time. It’s also the same week of the year that Tim McVeigh detonated his bomb. Add to that the Virginia Tech shootings, and it’s just not a good time of year.

I’m not going to say much here about the Tech shootings. I think it’s still too early to speculate much, too early to look for answers or patterns. But I will say this much: The people in Iraq suffer this kind of thing every single day. Can you imagine? America is reeling because of one violent episode. What must it be like to have this happen in your country a few times each week?

Enough with the violence in America and the world. Enough, enough. I don’t know how to stop it but we need to start now. 


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  1. the queen of claremont

    Sorry to admit that I was over a month behind on reading your blog…things were too crazy here with the commemoration to do anything else for a while…but I happened to be reading Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult when the Tech stuff happened, and with a friend’s daughter there, I was praying (to whomever it is that I pray) that the timing would not be prophetic. Thank Whomever it(they) is (are), she cut class that day. The Grand Scheme, in its infinite mystery, continues.So, being written about in a blog supercedes Thom Kah and wasabi peas? Are you revelling in your new-found job satisfaction so much that you’ve forgotten the little (short) people who saved your sanity once upon a time this side of the river?


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