Littering in the neighborhood

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This is Beelzebub.

He wasn’t in the mood to show off his babydoll blue eyes or adorable kitty tummy, but I kind of like this yawn/growl. Just trust me that he has pretty eyes.

Ever since I got Bubby, I have resolved to be a better cat mom, i.e., I have vowed to take the cat litter out more often.

I’ve been able to keep this resolution for two reasons. One: the threat of three-cat stinkiness has kept me in line. Two: I have converted to crystal litter.

Cat poo is still cat poo, and therefore gross, but somehow it’s less bad with the crystal stuff. It’s less onerous for me to scoop out poo in the crystals, while the kitty pee is practically unnoticeable.

But every so often I need to haul the entire contents of the litter box out to the dumpster. When I got home from work this evening, I dutifully dumped the stuff from the box into a trash bag, after first ascertaining that there were no cats in it.

Somewhere between my front door and the apartment complex dumpster, my trash bag developed a hole. Too bad I didn’t notice it right away. It wasn’t until I tossed the bag in the trash (“Huh! This feels light!”) and turned around that I saw the trail of litter and poo.

Because I am a decent human, and also because I didn’t want to get in trouble for littering, I trudged back up the stairs and hunted for my broom. Wasn’t even sure I still had one. When your kitchen floor is 9 square feet, you don’t sweep much. Finally found it in the coat closet.

Then I went downstairs and attempted to sweep up the cat litter. It was pretty much hopeless, but I managed to disperse the litter around to a wider swath of parking lot.

More on cats: As I was leaving work today, Assert-y noticed that I’d left my shopping list on the desk. (Thank GOD she found it. I was down to the very last squiggle of toothpaste in the tube. Otherwise it was gonna be dragon breath at work the next day.)

She noticed that I had included “cat fud” as an item. I always write “cat fud” on the grocery list because of Gary Larson:

What’s scary is that Assert-y does, too. She does hers with a long line over the U, while I use umlauts, but still. That’s alarming.

Any more of you Cat Fud people out there?


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  1. What a bee-yoo-ti-ful kitty cat! Even without showing off his eyes I can tell he’s a stunner. Oh, the litter story. Priceless. I’ve done that when trudging upstairs from the basement with a plastic bag, unknowingly trailing litter. Sad.I do not write cat fud, as I am not organized enough to have a shopping list. But I do bow to the genius of Larson…whenever I watch nature shows where they tag poor defenseless animals, I think of the cartoon where the bear shows up at home with a huge ear tag, a needle in his ass, and numbers painted on his fur, while his bear wife says "You better have a good excuse." Tee hee.

  2. Not having been born when Kennedy was shot, I instead ask "Where were you when you heard Gary Larson was retiring?" Not quite comparable in scope or tragedy, but still pretty rotten news all around. And yes, Bubby is a striking mass of boy kitty.

  3. Bub is cuddly! I wanna hold him! Nope. Don’t write cat fud. Write in Russian instead. Especially when I have to list feminine hygiene necessaries or stuff I don’t want Mike to know I’m gonna buy. Like butterscotch chips or Bugles.

  4. Another "cat fud" person here though I don’t go in for fancy punctuation.

  5. Just checked your bedroom wall to see if cat fud still has a place among the specimens of GL’s humor still papering the walls. Didn’t find it, but I’m in a much better mood now.(I know calling it "your bedroom wall" is a stretch, as you no longer hang out there and there is no bed.)Have you read Little Red Riding Hood to the Bubster?

  6. Been there done that with the litter. Except dim bulb here tried to dump a whole box down the toilet (It said flushable, which is all I ever use!)…needless to say it was not pretty…cats were amused tho.Chessie >^..^<


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