Ode to the OED

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Happy April Fool’s Day. I’m afraid I can’t think of anything clever to write here, but at least I can remind you up front to be on your guard against jokes today, thereby ruining the effort of all the other pranksters who will be out to trick you.

I can also direct you to Blogging for a Good Book today, where I am responsible for reviewing the Oxford English Dictionary (My opinion? Predictable plot, weak character development, too much jargon… Actually, the whole week is devoted to spoof reviews. This is the sort of idea that develops when too many nerdy librarians brainstorm together at a coffee shop. Don’t be naïve: caffeine is a dangerous drug, at least when it gets into the bloodstreams of too many book geeks at one time.)

While you are at BFGB, I would advise you to click on the link that says “Jessica’s Picks.” Those are the reviews that, from my perspective, are the most important to read. I say this with absolutely no bias, none at all. Check back next week, too, when I’ll be reviewing five more books.

Anyone care to guess the theme for next week’s titles? Why, all of them will be… Women’s Nonfiction! Guess I’m some sort of sadist. I spend all my spare time anymore writing about Women’s Nonfiction, and then what do I do when I get to work? I write about Women’s Nonfiction. Cripes.

To be fair, I was parched for ideas. It’s been so very long since I’ve read for pleasure, unless you count my monthly perusal of Yoga Journal, but I don’t think it qualifies. For one thing, it’s a bit too airy fairy for me—and that’s saying something, when you consider what a floopy mystical nutcake I can be. It’s just that I’m a cynical floopy mystical nutcake. Too much wholesome thought gives me a nervous twitch.

Still though, I’ve been flipping through YJ on my lunchbreaks. Once you get beyond all the positive, uplifting nonsense (please; do you really expect me to grow my own sprouts? And to turn them into sprout flour for all my baking needs? Bah!), you get to some really good advice on doing yoga poses.

Right now, my biggest obstacle is the head stand. I can do it, kinda, but not without first using a wall for support, and not without straining my neck. Fortunately there will be no head-standing in the flow class I’ll start taking next month.

(Yes, I’ll be adding yet another time drain to my impossibly tight schedule, but actually it will only consume four hours of pre-deadline time. I figure I can handle that. Or else my book will be four hours late, and I can probably handle that, too.)

In the yoga class I take now, we spend a lot of time in each pose. This is very cool when I am doing one of the muscle-stretchy positions. This is very not cool when I am trying to stand on my head.

In the flow yoga class that will be supplementing my regular yoga studies, we will be moving quickly from one pose to the next, so that it will almost look like a dance. Unless Yoga Instructor Jennifer turns out to be a tyrant, which I suppose is not outside the realm of possibility, head-stands will not be part of that equation.

Must go to work now. This week promises an exciting array of tasks, such as scheduling the library’s computer classes! And working on the reference desk! And holding negotiations for recataloging one of my collections!

(It is my fervent hope that the liberal use of exclamation points will make my job sound sexy and alluring to the casual reader.)

Then after work I get to work on my Women’s Nonfiction book again! Can’t wait!!!


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