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Mom and Dad have joined my webcam bandwagon. Tried it last night. Our conversation was still as dull as ever (no technology in the world’s gonna change that), but we could see each other while having our dull conversation. Kinda cool.

And kinda not cool. Before, when I communicated with someone far away, I would be in standard Jessica-around-the-house mode. This is a glorious state of affairs, typically featuring disheveled hair, bleary eyes, and a clothing ensemble consisting of ratty old undies and not much else.

This webcam thing has changed all that. While speaking with my parents, I felt obligated to throw on a ratty old tshirt and ratty old jeans. Really cramps my style, ya know?

So. In the not-too-distant future (thirty-nine days from now, for those of you following along at home) I will be traveling to a foreign country of undisclosed location. Well—it’s been all kinds of disclosed to folks I know in person, but anyway. While there, I will be attending a wedding, and I need to know what to wear.

Any ideas? We’re working within these restraints:

  • I want to look stunning
  • It’s going to be a very laid-back type of thing, very casual
  • I want to look stunning
  • The weather will be cool but not cold
  • I want to look stunning
  • I’ll have been camping the night before.
  • I want to look stunning
  • I only have a finite amount of space to pack
  • I want to look stunning
  • It might be all kinds of rainy and muddy
  • I want to look stunning

Plus, I’d like to look stunning. Casual, laid-back, prepared for the elements, and stunning.

Here’s the deal: You, dear readers, can tell me what to wear, and in return, I will meet you halfway by becoming svelte.

For nearly a month now I have been eating an obscenely healthy diet. Words that had never before been in my vocabulary, such as “grapefruit” and “cottage cheese” and “flax” now figure prominently, usually like so:

“Oh no, not ____[obscenely healthy food]____ again!”

I am, however, ten pounds lighter for my efforts, and I fully intend to continue these efforts for the next thirty-nine days (at which point I shall feast like a pig and regain my prodigal pounds).

Okay! I’m all ears! What do I wear?


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  1. Camping the night before? will you have a chance to shower or will you be bathing in moonlight/stream water only?So. Camping, t-shirt and jeans or some other tough pants.For the wedding.Does your date like boobs, and are you willing to show them off? If so, the little-black-dress type of thing, lowcut in front, is casual but elegant and not trashy as long as you cannot see your panties or nipples. (rolleyes). If you want to go a bit more modest, I’d suggest a sun-dress. The Charleston girls around here are wearing them all the time, be they big or small, and I have to say they look pretty delicious.


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