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Something’s come up. I won’t be blogging for a bit. My apologies; I think it’s tacky to let a blog sit stagnant, but for reasons I’m not going to describe, I will be on hiatus for a while. Try back in October; I may have my act together then.

Thanks for your patience.


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  1. Will miss you, Lesbrarian. Good luck with the book and the library and bras and trips to lovely foreign countries that I wish were my homeland.

  2. Eeemosenary Archivist

    Hang in there,young Lady.There’s a Prince{-ess?} out there somewhere lookin for a Carolina-born feline friendly Librarian to catalog a world-wide collection of ancient artifacts and documents.Only dreawback will be preparing reports of on-site conditions while travelling 6 to 8 months a year by yacht & restored Pan Am 1930’s vintage flying boat.hasta Las Palmas,EA/tgb

  3. OK, OK, it’s October. Stop moping and start writing, or I’ll fix you up with a Muslim friend. :DSeriously, it would be nice to have some indication that you’re still hanging in there, and I’d personally like an update on what you’re to do with your wayward airline ticket.


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