Happy Holidays

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I’ve worked all Thanksgiving break but the book revisions are nowhere near complete.

I could treat everyone to a long discussion of the stress, despair, and misery that now characterize my every waking moment, but I suppose no one wants to read that, and I don’t have time for it anyway.

At this point it looks like Christmas vacation is going to be spent in the same manner as Thanksgiving was. I will blog again when I can, but I am so far behind in EVERYTHING, with no idea how to catch up, that I don’t want to speculate as to when that might be.

Ho ho ho.


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  1. Eeemosenary Archivist

    Alright,so possessing a giant intellect ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.You got one;it’s a blessing and a burden. Take heart, O noble Librariess.Out of travail may yet come Triumph & Financial Freedom. Whilst watching all the horrible goings-on in Bombay recently, recalled a 2-week stint once spent at the Taj Hotel many years ago. M’rep at Air India was a fella married to Janet Quin-Harkin;She was struggling at the time to publish a few kids books.Mrs Q-H went on to fame & fortune.Hubby John was a very happy Englishhman. Janet raised happy kids.Hang in there. Editing one’s own IS A PAIN IN THE ARSCH, but it will build character.ps:Do adopt a dog. out-4-now.tgb/EA


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