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“Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.” – Mel Brooks

Just a quick note, as I’m sick of looking at the entry on the organization of library materials.

I just sat here and created a new blog entry, but I’ve decided not to post it. I will however give you the last line, which in itself will explain why I chose not to publish it. Ahem:

“Sorry, everybody. I’ve just subjected you to a great deal of whining that could have been tidily pared down to ‘Jessica’s despressed, and the weather’s hot.’ “

Thing is, I love to read fiction about despair and death and wretchedness, but I don’t want to sit through a real person’s account of being miserable and neither do you. I’ll make exceptions if the misery involves humorous episodes (“That part where she fell down the sewer was hysterical“) but I haven’t done anything especially funny recently, so I’m not going to make you read through an account of my existentialist hand-wringing.

So yes, if anyone at home is keeping tabs, Jessica is officially miserable, but that’s nothing new. And also it’s hot. Moving on:

I have decided that, when I grow up and become a writer, the person I most want to be compared to is Terry Pratchett. I want the blurbs on the back covers to liken me to him, especially concerning the similarities in humor. Because I do not watch television or get out much and because, essentially, I live in a cave (me and three kitties in a cave, it’s very cosy, if somewhat gravelly) no one will ever say “Ah, that Jessica Zellers infuses her works with clever cultural references, just like Terry Pratchett does!” but I invite future critics of my many novels, not one word of which has yet been written, to kindly bear in mind that I will graciously invite comparisons to our similar aptitudes for the comedic.

So now all I have to do is write a book that is sidesplittingly funny. Perhaps… I know! Someone should fall down a sewer and die! Okay, there’s my plot, this thing’s practically gonna write itself!


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  1. But I loved your Dewey Dark Lord post.Jessica, I will hope there is more happiness in your cave soon. If you makes it feel better, when I review your Women’s Nonfiction volume, I will compare it as a readalike to Neil Gaiman. I’m practicing the Republican Approach to Life: "Say it and it will become true."

  2. Christ. Great proofreading. I meant "if it makes you feel better."

  3. the lesbrarian

    Citizen Reader,That’s an excellent, and accurate, comparison. My nonfiction reference annotated bibliography has a lot in common with, say, The Graveyard Book, a Newbery Award-winning children’s fantasy novel.

  4. eelemosenary archivist

    Now see! even when the weather’s hot and yr feelin kind low,you’ve written some snappy, happy banter that raises the spirits of those who read it. If we get to review yr future tomes Terry P will be mentioned. Begone o wretched spitits of muggy Virginia. Hang in there kid:)


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