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Here’s a picture from Saturday night:

I am not going to specifically identify the individuals in the photo, but I can tell you that the people include me, some colleagues, one colleague’s very small child, and one boyfriend. You can have fun guessing which people are which! To get you started, here is one clue: the infant is not one of the people who works at the library. (He is too young.) Not pictured is my left earring, because the infant tried to eat it. The infant, incidentally, may appear to be desperately trying to remove himself from my arms, but I assure you that he quite likes me, and that the effect was generated by a funny camera angle.

Saturday night was my book release party. There was a nice turnout, with various librarians, librarian spouses and/or lovers, and librarian children. We ate at a local Mexican restaurant which, in addition to having pretty decent food, serves its beer in glass boots. Unfortunately you can’t really see the beer-in-boot effect in this particular photo, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to publicly post any other photos from the evening, because for some reason I look weird or misshapen or otherwise unpresentable in all of the other images. Must have been a trick camera the photographer was using.

The book, by the way, really does physically exist: I have some sitting in a box here in the living room, directly underneath a kitty. That was very kind of my publisher to send a cat toy along with the author copies. I should drop them a thank-you note for the thoughtfulness.

I’m sure you’ve already ordered your copy—or copies, rather. If they haven’t been delivered yet, I beg you not to despair: you can borrow one from your local library. If your local library hasn’t acquired its copies yet, gently remind them to get on the ball. You do pay tax dollars to support their collections, so it is in your interests to make sure they are spending those dollars in a prudent manner, i.e., by purchasing several copies of my text. According to worldcat.org, four libraries currently own copies—but there are more than 16,000 public libraries in the United States, so we have a ways to go. Academic libraries would benefit from owning my text, too, though at present zero of the 3,617 academic libraries in the country own it.

I will be speaking on the book’s topic (that’d be Women’s Nonfiction, for those of you following along at home) at the state library conference coming up in less than two weeks. It transpires that I have not yet actually started preparing for my presentation, so if you don’t hear from me soon that may be why. It also transpires that the fantasy chapter I’d thought I’d finished turns out not to be finished at all, so that’d be the other reason for my lack of activity here—that, and dealing with all the publicity and the talk shows and the screaming fans and so forth that comes with being a published author.


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  1. Damn you look good. Jealous of the ex-con BF. 😛

  2. Huh. I guess that means you were able to determine which individual was me.

  3. MarianLibrarian

    I have a copy. However, you neglected to invite me to your book party. Consequently, my copy remains unautographed. How the hell am I supposed to make a killing on eBay when you die if you don’t sign it?!?!Gad. Didn’t take you long to turn into a divauthoress, did it?

  4. But there’s something like a thousand miles between us!I’ll sign your copy next time I see you. Hey, can you sneak me into a panel at PLA? I might be able to get funding for that…

  5. Might could do. Lemme check with a gal I know…

  6. And what the hell, we’ve got too many people already but you could stay with me. By too many I mean 12 or so.

  7. The Denver Public Library has ordered it, but they haven’t arrived yet. I’m first on the holds list!

  8. Marian: LU will give me $300 if I do some kind of presentation at a national conference this coming year. PLA seems the way to go. And I can sleep in hotel bathtubs or hallways or stairwells or whatever.

  9. Becker,Hi, nicetameetcha, you are TOTALLY AWESOME, thanks for going on my holds list! You don’t really need to read the whole thing, but the intro is worth a looksee.

  10. Lookit your fun book party! What a great idea! (And that is a very good author photo; I love your haircut.) When my books come out we celebrate by my mother asking, who buys these books again? To which my answer is, invariably, not enough people, Mom. (She’s a darling, and very supportive, but she’s never really been able to wrap her mind around librarianship, much less RA. She came to visit me at the reference desk at work once and was shocked that someone asked me a health reference question. "Aren’t they supposed to look stuff up themselves?" She’s a self-reliant gal, bless her.)Anyway, before I digressed, meant to say one thing and one thing only: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


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