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When last I wrote, I explained that I had upset the space-time continuum. In case you didn’t believe me then, I offer further evidence: the past seven days just elapsed in the blink of an eye. Really. I left work last Sunday, and now here it is Sunday again, and I swear there is no way that a week just passed.

I wonder if Human Resources is behind this? Perhaps they were nervous with the thought of an employee taking a full week away from work. Understandably so: that’s the kind of thing that makes people reluctant to go back to the grind. So maybe they nudged the rotation of the earth into hyperspeed, hoping that I wouldn’t notice how pleasant it was to spend time at home, i.e., not at work.

If that’s what really happened, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, then I am sad to report that the effort failed. It is true that the past week lasted, to my best judgment, approximately three minutes—kudos to HR for making science fiction become reality—but I’d still much rather stay home tomorrow. I have five different stacks of to-be-read books (nonfiction, older fiction, newer fiction, graphic novels, and some more fiction) that are not going to get themselves read while I’m out making a living. Plus I’m way behind in the number of books I’ve read this year, not even a hundred titles yet. (I am however ahead in the number of books I’ve written this year, i.e., one. There is an inversely proportional relationship between number of books written and number of books read.)

Speaking of writing: I’ve just finished up one writing project (absolutely the LAST piece of professional writing I will ever do without serious financial compensation) and I’m embarking on another; it will not be too awfully time-consuming, I hope, and the financial compensation will be in the at-least-somewhat-serious category. But it will be chipping away at my evenings, and as I just mentioned there are the five different stacks of books I want to read, and as I mentioned before that I am a toiling member of the proletariat in a capitalistic society, so: postings here will be infrequent and/or brief for the next month or so (as has been the case for the past few months, now that you mention it). Also I’m suffering from writer’s block.

Forgive me my fickleness, please, and I promise it won’t be long before I resume writing the high-intensity, heart-pounding action that you’ve all come to expect from this website.


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