Please work, reverse psychology. Please work.

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With the rare snowfall that we had Friday night, the roads turned icy and treacherous. Just parking my car in the apartment parking lot was a challenge. At that point I pretty much resigned myself to having to stay home from work the next day. I became slightly more hopeful at 3:00 a.m., when the preciptation turned audible: this meant the snow had warmed up to rain. It was a sleeting, icy sort of rain, however; realistically, it just didn’t seem possible that the roads would be drivable in the
coming hours.

Imagine my delight when I woke up four hours later! Much of the unsightly snow had
vanished (and as an added bonus, the head from the SnowLady I’d crafted the other night
had fallen off, a sure sign that things were melting) and the roads, thought damp, were
quite safe. Hardly believing my good luck, I dashed to the library website, where there was no indication whatsoever that we would close! Just to be sure, I called not one but two phone numbers (the number for library closings, and the number for county closings). Joy of joys, it was true! The library would be open!

Once at work, however, it was touch and go. Throughout the day, the news got worse and worse: the entire state, apparently, was blanketed in snow. Words such as “savage” and “brutal,” and I am not kidding about this, showed up in the headlines. Quite possibly the only safe haven from this brutality was my little neck of the woods.

Fortunately, the weather stayed in check throughout the work day. The power never once flickered, and serious snow only started again right when we were about to lock up the library. Whew! That was close!

I only hope that the snow that’s fallen this evening will clear up for tomorrow. I would despair if I had to start my Christmas vacation a day early.


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