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Happy October.

I’m moving in eleven days. Despite a recent spate of trashing, recycling, and donating, there is still an uncomfortable amount of packing to be done. I have embraced packing with the same zeal with which I embrace porcupines.

Packing the dishes has been especially difficult because of the ants, legions of which have been assaulting my kitchen for several weeks now. I have rigorously scrubbed away all traces of food. I have reasoned with the ants, and threatened them, and I have slaughtered them by the hundreds when they refused to enter peace talks. But they keep coming back, and they keep crawling over the dishes that I’ve set on the counter to dry, which means that I have to wash the dishes again, and so then I set them on the counter to dry, and then the ants come back.

I should probably just go buy an ant trap, but I’m tempted to leave the little beasties for the managers of my apartment complex. My lease had been scheduled to expire on October 24. I didn’t renew my lease, which I thought sent a rather clear message about my intentions. But, just so there was no confusion, I told them in person that I wouldn’t be renewing.

That’s when I found out that I was supposed to give 60 days’ notice, not 30. Nevermind that the lease was expiring. Nevermind that ordinary people cannot see two months into the future. I will be paying for my apartment through Nov. 16.

Oh, and since it switches to month-to-month after Oct. 24, those extra three weeks will be at a higher rate. And I will need to pay to have the apartment professionally cleaned.

I’m thinking I should leave some honey sitting out on the counter.

In other financially dire news, my new job will only be 37.5 hours per week, not 40, and it’s going to start three weeks later than I had planned. Instead of one tidy week between jobs, I’ll be unemployed for a full month. Or, to put a positive spin on it, I’m looking forward to a month’s vacation in the mountains!

More positive spin: I’ll have a place to move to. In fact, it’s already in my name, starting today.  I’ve found a cheap place to rent out in the country, quite near to the Blue Ridge Parkway, very convenient to a hiking access point. Hiking in mountains qualifies as free entertainment, which is about all I’ll be able to afford after my apartment complex wipes out my savings.

Not sure if I’ll be able to update here between now and the move, as all of my time these days is consumed by procrastination. If I don’t write again within the next week or so, expect to hear from me once I’ve got my internet working in North Carolina.

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  1. Will miss your stories and your humor while you're gone, but know you'll have plenty to share with the new job, apt, and hiking adventures.

  2. Good luck with the move, Jessica. It sounds like you've found a nice place to live. Sorry about the ants, etc. I think your landlord is a creep to charge you all that extra.

  3. eleemosynary archivist

    Damnably uncooperative those ants, Jess, but as you say, on the bright side, you'll be living in the Blueridge soon. Abject apologies for lack of comments recently, but your buddy here DID try on several occasions only to find the pithy little bon mots wouldn't save. Thy presence will be missed here, young Lady.May the move bging many adventures and ample good fortune. out-4-nowEA-tgb

  4. Thanks, e. archivist. Give em hell at the library if the pencils aren't sharpened.

  5. eleemosynary archivist

    Ants and moving-packing Angst notwithstanding, we'll expect news of your further adventures over the Tidewater horizon… Hang in there m'amselle. Columbus knew not what awaited him either:)We'll suggest a special collection for a robotic pencil sharpener and have 'em name it Jess, though it'll never put as fine a point on those shorties as you do! Happy trails to you ..and the feline fellow travelers!tgbEA

  6. Hi I was searching the net for a Gary Larson drawing of squirrels but ended up on your blog looking at cat fud. Found out we have some interests in common. Do you by any chance know what picture I am looking for? Its blind people who has harnessed squirrels and the text is something why dogs works better.Good luck with new job.

  7. Hi, Mitzi, and thanks for the comment.I'm afraid I don't know which Far Side you're referring to.


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