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On Sunday, a winter storm came through the region, blanketing the higher peaks with a lovely dusting of snow. They even got snow in Williamsburg, where I used to live. That’s pretty unusual, since they’re so near the coast.

I myself got sweet nothin’.

This is not fair.

I did get rained on all day, if that counts for anything, and for a brief spell there was maybe some hail mixed in. I never did make up my mind on that point, though I had ample opportunity to do so — seventeen or eighteen miles worth of opportunity. I was hiking up a mountain, with “up” being the operative word: the trail had more than a mile of incline. It was in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, just north of Cherokee, one of the region’s more depressing tourist traps.

Today, two days later, my butt muscles are still recalling the incline. This suggests to me that I need to get myself in better shape. I suppose I’ll just have to get creative about finding time to do that, now that I’ve got a job and all.

Had my interview yesterday, got the job offer today. I am not clear on the particulars –something to do with interpreting reports and telling the people in production what to produce — but who cares? It’s a job, and I’ll get paid for it, which is more than I can say of my previous job, and if I have problems I can ask my mom for help.

I will be working as a temp in the same company Mom works for. I won’t be in the same department but I’ll be working closely with her.

(“You’ll be working a lot with your Mom. Is that okay?” asked my interviewer. “I have lots of experience interacting with her,” I explained.)

There have been many times when I, though better qualified for a job, did not get the position, due to my lack of social connections. In these circumstances, nepotism is wrong and immoral and people who practice it are no better than highway robbers, and also they kick puppies. No! Bunnies. They kick bunnies. In this case nepotism is fine and decent and, really, it makes so much more sense to hire someone when you’ve got a personal connection to them. Why hire a stranger? Strangers can lie in their resumes and during their interviews. Best not to risk it.

I’ll be able to live on the pay, albeit barely, but I still won’t have insurance and the position is only guaranteed through November. I still need to do some serious thinking about my future employment prospects, my options in returning to school, and my career goals as a proletarian. Generally speaking, here’s what I’m looking for:

  • A strong chance of getting a job, because being educated does not, in and of itself, pay the bills
  • A strong chance of getting a job, no matter where I may be living
  • A living wage
  • A sense of satisfaction, knowing that my work is meaningful and valuable and makes the world better, and/or….
  • A sense of intellectual challenge, because — with perhaps a few exceptions — jobs that don’t stimulate me make me want to claw out my own eyes
  • A low incidence of people yelling at me

Those of you who know me are welcome to chime in with “Why Jessica, obviously you should become a ________.” Go on! Don’t be shy!

I’m going to spend my last few days of freedom by working on some freelance writing and editing projects (which is sad; even after all these months I still haven’t quite got the hang of being unemployed) and by, um, going to a musical. More on that in next week’s post.


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  1. eleemosynary archivist

    So what's wrong with going home to be near your parents and then actually getting to WORK with your very own Mom??As long as the temp job helps to pay the bills (and doesn't wreck your maternal relationship) it's a blessing, eh? Jess you belong in the Peace Corps,an International Refugee Rescue Agency or..for now prezactly where Carolinian Sobrinismus has landed you. Mayhap the job leads to yet another..as in one with health care benefits & better prospects for promotion… Hang in there! Ciao-4-now EA-tgb


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