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So, the sure thing I had lined up at my Mom’s company? The one where I would definitely get hired if I showed up to the interview with a pulse?

I showed up. I had a pulse. I was offered a job.

Only then they realized they couldn’t hire me. There were complications because I had been previously employed by the same company, albeit only technically. For most intents and purposes, I had been employed by a bank when I worked at the company’s call center — I followed the bank’s rules and provided phone support for the bank’s customers — but the call center itself was located in a wing of my Mom’s company, and it was that company that issued the checks.

Long story short: even nepotism couldn’t get me a job.

I try not to indulge in too much self-pity here. It’s not very productive and, more to the point, it’s not very attractive. No one likes a whiner.

But I cannot beg, borrow, or steal my way into a job. I have applied in the obvious places, libraries and bookstores; I have put my name in with the temp agencies; I have applied for skilled positions and unskilled positions. I am educated and experienced; I am articulate and personable and dedicated; I can solve problems and soothe disagreements. I am young and white and not hideous to behold. Not that I want to claim those as advantages, since it’s not fair, but those are the kind of qualities that make it easier to get a job, at least once you make it to the interview stage.

I’m doing everything I know how to do, but it’s not working. Ergo, something has to change. It would really suit me if the job market around here would do the changing, but I’m not hodling my breath for that. This means that I am the one who has to do the changing.

Only thing I can think to do is to pick up more education. And since I need to be able to afford cat fud while I acquire my further education, it will need to be at the graduate level. I need to be able to take out enough loans to live on. Can’t do that with community college.

In more pleasant news, for about a month now I’ve been seeing a nice young man. I won’t be revealing any details here, since I am a big fan of privacy, but it is really neat to be in a relationship with someone who does not have a criminal record. (Personal friends who want to know more may contact me for the scandalous details.)

Only I’m starting to worry that it’s an either/or kind of thing: what if I can have romance OR a job, but not both? I’d hate to have to kill off the new boyfriend.


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  1. Anonymous_Dolly_Llama_Taco_4_U_&_me!

    Temp agencies are the devil for several reasons. They ask you illegal questions about medical history and other things. They can fire you when you are doing a good job without a reason because you are "on probation". They are basically there to screen you; even when an employer tells you you all ready have the job. I'm not sure what the particulars are on exactly what happened. I'm guessing that you were hired by the temp agency; they said "we're sending you a lesbrarian for this job. Here's her SSN." The company ran your SSN and saw you had worked at the facility before and decided that you quit under not the best circumstances. Then they told the temp agency not to hire you, and you were fired before the job had even begun.You learned a valuable lesson here. It's that you can't work for that temp agency again or the facility they were going to send you to.

  2. eleemosynary archivist

    7 degrees Celsius, light rain, overcast in the Croaker-Norge region.. but lots of birds and springtime daffodil activity.Dreadfully sorry 'bout the continued spate of job problemos, but as usual, it sounds like the Fates are dealing from the bottom of the Asheville deck..We're all rooting for you in any case(now that's a strange expression; better look it up in Skeets)Keep your chin up.. watch the stars, enjoy signs of incipient Spring and do forgive the fools who are so bound by rules even they don't realize are meant to be bent …Your good nature and otherwise splendid job qualifications will win out eventually.Glad to hear there's at least a contender for Prince Charming on your radar screen…best Sunday regardsEA-tgb

  3. eleemosynary archivist

    Sunday 11 March, The cobalt-blue, planet-speckled dome of the post-daylight savings time sky is probably visible from your town as well as it is from Croaker Road… Look up and smile:)Having found no inspiring banter or clever commentary on life in the Zellers blogosphere, one can only hope all's well in the eastern precincts of the tarheel State. ie: You're out tearing up the town with a nice gentleman rather than lacrimatin' tears in yr.beer:) or wodka as the case may be…. Best regards, Jess EA-tgb


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