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My web hosting service wants to start charging me more money. I do not want to start paying more money.

I can’t figure out how to export my content to a free site like wordpress. If I can’t get it figured out, then this site shall cease to be. Kind of a shame, since I liked some of the things I’ve written here, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not that big of a deal.

I’ll leave this up for another few weeks. If I can figure out how to move this site elsewhere, I’ll post the new URL as soon as I know it.


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  1. That's terrible! I thought you designed this website. You're certainly intelligent enough.

  2. Goddamn greedy bastards website hosting services.Mondays are good days for swearing a lot, I find.I hear you on not wanting to pay more for hosting, but sheesh I'd miss you.

  3. Disco_Jerry1970

    I sincerely hope you can copy/paste this blog to a free site and will give the URL. I've just started reading it and it's interesting to say the least! Your life should be a book, Lesbarian. Even though, since you are no longer a librarian (and I hope you find gainful employment soon), I'm sure you will think of a positive new username. I'm thinking of username ideas currently.

  4. Look into GoDaddy to transfer the domain name, or go through Google. Google Apps free version is all a person really needs for a simple website, and you can get your domain name registered through them. You can easily set up a blog with their Sites product. That way you keep thelesbrarian domain name, but all you have to do is pay for the domain (~$12 a year or so) and not the hosting, and don't have to deal with the backend at all. You can call me if you want help with it – it's what I do a lot for small law offices.

  5. If you want to go with a wordpress.com hosted site, you can keep your domain name, but it costs $12/year on top of your existing domain registration, and you can't transfer domain registration to wordpress.com. You can roll your own wordpress installation (downloaded from wordpress.org) on any host though. My current favorite host for small sites is nearlyfreespeech.net. Wherever you host, you can register your domain anywhere you like. Don't use GoDaddy though.

  6. eleemosenary archivist

    Yo Jess, T'would be a loss were YOUR site to fall prey to the fiscal irresponsibility of the web folks!!!!!! You've developed a style that reflects well on your personal commitment to communication. You should be inducted as an honorary member of Scroll & Quill at the least.Having read all the entries this old journalist is a better person for having done so. Even on those days when you've confronted the downside of life,your attitude is encouraging. Will look forward to further posts:) VERY glad you are developing garden skills and hope el boyfriend is as good to you as you as you are to the literary world. Carrots are good!


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