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Movin’ on up

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That took far too much effort, but I am finally moved. All of the content from my old home, The Lesbrarian, has been transferred here.

It’s been too long since I’ve written a real update. Unfortunately, I can’t remedy that situation right now, because I have to focus my efforts into moving. That is to say, I am moving in real life, from Weaverville to Asheville. The two places are only fifteen minutes apart, but they’re worlds apart.

Details will follow. Rent is paid on the Weaverville place through the first part of June, but I hope to move all of the heavy furniture day after tomorrow, when I can borrow a pickup truck. Between now and then I have to pack a lot of boxes, or at least get to work on some serious procrastination re: packing a lot of boxes.

I hope to have a legitimate update late this week, though. There may even be pictures! In fact, I can tide you over with a picture of my garden-t0-be. Until I can write more, spend time admiring the cilantro that comes up to my shoulders.