This is what 33 looks like

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No filter, no Photoshopping. Bathroom light and an iPhone camera.  I turn 33 tomorrow.

Bit-by-bit analysis:


  • Wrinkles: I noticed one the other day between my eyebrows. Sometimes it seems very apparent. Other times it vanishes.
  • Stretch marks: they’re everywhere.
  • Acne: most people leave this behind once they move beyond puberty. I am not one of those people.
  • Hair: I might have gray. I don’t know. I’ve been dyin’ so long it looks like black to me.
  • Muscles: not terribly noticeable in this photo, but I promise they’re there. Upper body, lower body, core: I’m no body builder, but I do strength-training six days out of seven.
  • Breasts: not terribly noticeable in this photo, but I promise they’re there. Despite their stretch marks and their cozy relationship with gravity, my breasts are my most aesthetically pleasing feature.
  • Tattoos: completely obscured in this photo. Still only two of them. Maybe more someday.
  • Pudge: amazingly resistant to diet and exercise.
  • Wonder Woman undies: if there’s an upper age limit to superhero underwear, I don’t want to grow old.





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  1. Happy Birthday, Jessica. I can’t help remembering when I was 33–seems like about 20 minutes ago. You are young, my dear, very young. Don’t waste time feeling old before your time. Even I realize that an 80-year old would look at me and envy my 68 years. You are who you are, and that isn’t going to change, even if your boobs hit the floor.

  2. Hi Jess,
    Very discreet beach wear home photo… and a very Happy Birthday to ye on the morrow! Sincere best wishes for the coming 12 months as you head into another KC year. Was actually thinking of dropping you a line since you’d been off the radar for awhile.The best years are yet to come so keep up the strength training,read widely and most of all..
    Don’t worry! A bit of grey adds a distinguished highlight. This correspondent will raise a glass of Cabernet in your honor as the sun sinks tomorrow..out-4-now
    Tom B.

  3. Wooot! Happy Birthday! And I TOTALLY agree with everything Pammcrae said! And by the way…you are totally owning those Wonder Woman undies…I saw the picture and my brain said “are those wonder woman underoos? Do they make those in adult? Jealous!”


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