Turkey revisited

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Happy Thanksgiving.

This is the third consecutive Thanksgiving I’ve spent alone. I’m not sure how to feel about that.

It throws my social isolation into sharp relief, as though it weren’t plain enough already. I would feel better if my reclusion were intentional, if I were a hermit monk available only by appointment, and only after a grueling trek through inhospitable mountains.

But I am enjoying four days, all in a row, with no need to leave the house or interact with others, aside from Gremlin. This morning I fed her Whiskas Turkey & Giblets. Approximately thirty minutes later she threw up her seasonally-appropriate meal, managing to get it on two blankets and — a first — me.



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  1. Greetings and Salutations, Jess.. Splendid solitude is indeed both a blessing and on occasion, a cause for philosophical contemplation;Gremlin’s faux pas notwithstanding this Old Archivist is pleased to hear that you enjoyed a several day remission from mandatory interaction. Alone among the masses with a roof over one’s head and some personal trinkets arrayed nicely is a state of being to which some of us become accustomed. As long as there’s a horizon from which to gaze toward the future be of good cheer, na? I often think you would fit right in at the local library here on the Barrier island in Beach Haven, NJ. Will send some images of the place with it’s fireplace and old wooden card catalog cabinets. Gremlin may have been under the influence of the spectacular Full Moon:)
    very fond regards,Tom


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